About Us

Welcome to Marketplace!

Connecting minority-owned companies to opportunity

The Marketplace, developed by Greater Cleveland Partnership Equity & Inclusion, is an online portal connecting minority-owned businesses (MBEs) with opportunities for growth. A virtual space that serves as a searchable database of MBEs allowing buyers and suppliers to accelerate each of their respective activities, the portal provides MBE suppliers with direct connections to business opportunities, business growth services and access to capital.

Whether you’re a buyer, a supplier or both, the Marketplace allows you to customize your user experience. Make connections, bid on projects, submit opportunities, share news about your business and so much more—all on one seamless platform.

The four main components of the Marketplace include:

Minority Business

A LinkedIn-like database where MBEs can load their profile, update news about their business, share qualifications and certifications.


An opportunity for buyers to highlight their purchasing needs, supplier diversity programs, businesses processes and events. Buyers may also post business opportunities and other information through a community posting function.

Technical Assistance Services (coming in 2020)

This area will support intake, assessment and connections between service providers and MBE suppliers.

Access to Capital
(coming in 2020)

A function where MBEs can seek capital by identifying needs and answering questions for lenders that are seeking to provide equity or debt capital.

About Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) Equity & Inclusion

GCP has a longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workforce, fueled by the belief that businesses and the region are stronger with greater racial equity. The Commission on Economic Inclusion (now GCP Equity & Inclusion) has been working since 2001 to close the racial disparities in jobs, income and wealth, by growing businesses owned by people of color and increasing workforce diversity, equity and inclusion. As one of their many initiatives, the Equity & Inclusion team piloted the first iteration of the Marketplace in late 2017 and has since expanded the effort to create a more ro¬-bust and personalized user experience.

Acting as a convener, an advocate and a resource, GCP Equity & Inclusion engages the region’s employers to address the systemic racial inequalities which hinder economic growth in our region. Hundreds of professionals, business leaders, volunteers and organizations are engaged each year to accomplish these goals.